SPA Delivers

Program and Project Management Specialists

We are program and project management specialists.  We help establish your objectives, governance and controls and then apply ourselves to delivering your objectives.


As highly experienced practitioners, we are used to being the agents of change, and balancing the competing needs of stakeholders, user groups and systems integration.  We also provide consultancy services to provide practical advice, mentoring, audits and process improvements.


SPA is a totally independent company.  You can be assured that we have no product biases or third party vested interests, and will be totally focused on helping you to go where you want to be.


Every program or project is a journey, and there are always some rough patches and difficult times to manage in even the smoothest of deliveries.  This is where SPA’s experience counts.  Our staff are among the best in the business, and have strong pedigrees of successful implementations in numerous industries such as Defence, Finance, Telecommunications and Software Services.


As the Project Management Book Of Knowledge (PMBOK) states, a project is a ‘temporary endeavour’.  Projects require the application of skills and resources that are generally not part of an organisation’s core business.


SPA will help you to get through that requirement, by advising and mentoring your staff or by directly assisting or managing the process.  We are also able and willing to be your long term partner.




Program and project management specialists

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