The range of services which Software Project Assist has provided successfully incudes:


Part of Software Project Assist's services include Project Management Consultancy. This includes:

A consultant reviews the management processes and/or technical health of a particular project.
Product Distribution and Roll-Out.
A consultant defines the life cycle and processes needed for a particular product roll-out, and manages the processes as required.
A consultant works with the customer's staff to raise skill levels and improve delivery performance.
Process Improvement
A consultant works with client's staff, assisting in the definition of project life cycle processes, building templates, preparing checklists and training material.

Project / Program Office Set Up and Administration

Whether it is a large program, or a number of different projects, both must be managed in a consistent way so that business is neither overloaded with low level issues, nor kept in the dark about real progress and real problems.

Activities will include:

Software Development Management

An SPA Project Manager is a highly qualified and skilled software project manager with a proven track record.

The prime directive, if you will, of a software project manager is to deliver the project on time, on budget, with requirements satisfied.

SPA Project Managers have an enviable and impressive record of successful delivery. They recognise what goals are important and they know how to marshall resources and material to achieve those goals in a predictable way.

SPA software project managers are some of the best available in the industry today. That means the best chance of a successful outcome.

System Integration

Most developments nowadays are:

Often, parts of the system are already in use.

Systems Integration, therefore, demands most of the services and skills listed in this document, but above all, diplomacy with stakeholders and an aggressive attitude to technical risk.

The best project managers seek defence in depth, looking for the likely trouble spots and attacking difficult unknowns early.

SPA project managers have delivered system integrations in the face of risk and will ensure the delivery of the best possible solution to meet the reconciled needs of all the stakeholders.

Contract / Supplier Management

A signed subcontract is not the end of the procurement process. Aspects of contract management include very strict change control, careful maintenance of correspondence, and ensuring that all parties clearly meet their commitments.

SPA project managers will manage the relationship with the seller to achieve a win-win outcome.